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Journey of life together

Journey of life together (Team Hoyt) 

Dick Hoyt, a retired Air National Guard lieutenant colonel who works at Boston College. He had great hopes when his husband contains her first child as she imagined was a strong and handsome. The results also supported the doctor's examination, so Dick was preparing a pretty cool name: Rick Hoyt. But, God willing another. The umbilical cord wrapped around the neck of Rick obstructs the flow of oxygen to her brain, causing Rick cerebral palsy. At the age of eight months, Rick's condition deteriorated and doctors advised Dick to throw Rick because it was feared would be the burden of family life. But Dick and his wife are committed to continue to take care to large.

Rick grew into adolescence with all four limbs paralyzed and unable to speak. Her parents did not despair even though Rick was almost never out of his wheelchair. One day, Rick threw a desire to join the race. Dick was very surprised and repeatedly asked his son's desire, but also repeatedly asserts his wish Rick. Dick finally ordered a special wheelchair that can be used to run away. He also promised to become his son's hands and feet.

In 1981, Boston society was made wide open, because of the marathon participants who will race in Boston Marathon there is a father and son, who was paralyzed in a wheelchair. Although the race was Dick and Rick did not become champions, but they are an inspiration to many people. Since then they followed the marathon race for 20 years in the city and call themselves Team Hoyt.

After the experience in Boston, they also follow the triathlon (a race that combines running, swimming, and cycling). When running Rick pushed in a wheelchair; when swimming Rick placed in a rubber boat with a rope tied at the waist the father who swam in front of him, and if cycling is placed in front of Rick. They even tested the Ironman Triathlon in Hawaii that distance is more severe and long. In March 2001, they have followed the 731 race! "When you unify the limitations both of us, no one in this world that we can not conquer!" Said Dick.

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[Important] father's patience to his son [Read This for 5 minutes]

[Important] father's patience to his son [Read This for 5 minutes]

"A middle-aged man was sitting on the bench the yard with his son who had grown up. Then a pigeon perched near their bench.

"What's that?" Asked the man to the child.
"Pigeons," replied the boy, who was reading the newspaper, simply.
Then another a pigeon alighted nears them.
"What's that?" The man asked again.

"That pigeon, father ..." replied the boy, looking at his father, as if not believing his father to ask such a thing.
And again a pigeon perch.
"What's that?" Returned the man asked.

"Father! What exactly mean father? It was obviously a pigeon, anyone know, including my father too! Is dad going to piss me off? "The boy began to lose patience.
The man then stood up and walked away.
"Where are you going?" Asked the boy.

He just signaled that he would soon return. He then entered the house, and soon came out with a journal and come back sit on the bench. He opens a page on the journal and showed it to his son, asked him to read the writing on the page.

In the upper corner of the page is marked on that day 25 years ago.

"Today I accompanied my son who was 2 years old playing in the yard. Once a pigeon perch. He asked "What is it, father?". And I said "That's a pigeon, son." Then the other pigeons alighted, he again asked, "What is it, father?". And I again replied "It's also a pigeon, son ..." That day there were about 38 pigeons that perch, and he kept asking "What is it, father?", And I answered all, 38 times, the same as when I answered the first question . Without feeling the slightest annoyance, in fact I'm very happy to answer his questions. "

After reading the diary, the boy looked up and looked at his father's face that looks wistful. The father gently voiced,

"Today father asked you the same question five times and you have lost patience", the father is very
disappointed to his son.

What do you think of this story?

Short story about " I LOVE YOU DAD "

Short story about " I LOVE YOU DAD "

When a father was polishing his new car, his 4-year-old children who still write off his car with stones

Enraged, the father grabbed his son's hand and hit him repeatedly. Unwittingly, he hit him with a wrench.

When in the Hospital, His son must be willing to lose a finger due to very severe bone damage.
When the child saw his father's views of pain, he asked:

The injured man is sorry and lost for words..He returned to his car, then kicked him repeatedly.
His heart is broken for his own actions.
While standing in front of his car, he saw graffiti that made by ​​his son, in his car he that reads:

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